About Us


Established in October 2010 and based in Singapore with operating offices in Myanmar and Azerbaijan, Uniclimb Services is actively engaged in the provision of integrated services with access solutions in Marine Offshore, Oil & Gas, Civil Construction and Structural Maintenance industries. Our workforce and collective strength is the key ingredient to the continued growth of our company, and enables us to serve diverse clients ranging from local leading shipyards to global offshore groups, in Singapore and around the world.

“Uniclimb Services strives to arrange, provide and maintain a safe work system for all our employees and contractors, while continuously improving our performance in terms of excellent quality, prompt service, and competitive prices.”

Why Choose Uniclimb Services?

  • Minimize disruption to ongoing operations

We use the least amount of equipment and manpower to attain your access objectives


  • Generate significant cost and time savings

Eliminate the need for time consuming PE approval design for specialized scaffolding and other standard forms of access methods

  • Single contact point

You experience minimum hassle by communicating and receiving reports from a single contact point who manages the team of rope access technicians


  • Safety through quality and personal responsibility

We take the safety of our team and your workers very seriously. That’s why we believe in using only reputable, quality products and instilling in each of our team members a sense of personal obligation and ownership, not just for their assigned tasks but for the environment they are working in.