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Feedback Form

Our Testimonials

We thank you for the job well done and safe during the installation of Windwall on Ensco 110 Derrick.

Mr Tony Wahyunanto

Ensco 110

Willing to work late hours / odd hours to help us achieve work objective.

Mr Loe Hauw Sheong

All repair projects under Keppel Fels Limited

Very accommodating and helpful with a professional attitude.

Mr Chris Carvalho

Seadrill West Tucana

I appreciate Uniclimb’s efforts for performing this work safely and within the given time. Uniclimb’s successful completion of the work was a key reason the vessel was able to depart KFELS on time. Please extend my gratitude to all your crews that worked on Ensco DS-9. We look forward to working with Uniclimb in future.

Mr Bryan W. Sanchez

Ensco DS-9