Lifting Equipment Inspection (LEEA)

Being a member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, Uniclimb is certified to carry out lifting gear inspections in strict adherence to local and international regulations and inspection standards. Our quality inspection and verification works are provided to ensure safe and uninterrupted lifting operations.

Inspection may be conducted every 6 or 12 months, as specified by LOLER and depending on the equipment. We are able to inspect all fixed and loose fitting gear, including:

  • Runway beams, swing jibs and pad eyes
  • Air winches, tuggers and similar units
  • Baskets, containers, skips, gas racks and lifting frames
  • All loose fitting tackle (e.g. slings, shackles, webbing etc)
  • All lifting machines (e.g. chain blocks, lever hoists, pulling machines etc)
  • Lifeboat and life raft davit / deployment systems
  • Cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Tubular handling equipment and related items
  • Anchor winches and associated plus towing assemblies
  • Cantilever hold downs and beams

In addition, we are able to perform load test inspections that are compliant with international standards and codes. All inspections and tests are conducted by our trained and LEEA certified inspectors.